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04 November 2006

Fill In the Catalogue


Below you see two lists of subject categories for a bookstore and online bookseller. One is from an existing store's site (I am not connected with this place) and the other is a draft I came up with last night. As it reads in draft stage, my list thing is too complex.

Please help make the list useful to you and for any online search for books and documents.

There are two challenges I offer readers: 1) you can help refine these categories and 2) you can start filling in each category with suggested titles that can be purchase on the Internet.

The two challenges are related. A category for which no book is offered for sale is useless and should be dropped. Or, if the list of suggested books under a category grows so long that it becomes just a potpourri or grab-bag sans coherence. A category should be split if "priceless titles" run endlessly on and on.

Remember: basically everything is a sub-category of everything else. By using links and by putting in a 'See Also' as a cross-reference to related categories, we can avoid breaking this bookstore / library into an endlessly long series of subdivisions.

This is not an E-Commerce site. Please do not submit offers to sell here on Cheap Priceless Editions. You can enter an address (a domain name or URL) if a book you recommend is for sale on the web, however, as long as you describe the content and its importance.

Do Please give one to four short paragraphs describing your book choice. Tell why it can be termed a Priceless Edition. Give a range of purchase prices or links for consulting the content online.

As this site evolves, we will take up still greater challenges. One direction you might enjoy is to build a virtual library that holds titles ranging over a maximum of subject categories. Virtual could refer to Internet access to titles and could include material (visual and digitized sources) that are free to users. Where there is a membership fee charged, please include clear indications of how much users fees on a site amount to as well as the URL for downloading the document(s).

Another challenge we may take up in the future is to build 1) the least expensive hand-holdable library that covers the most categories and 2) the most expensive library for collectors of rare or signed editions. But at the core and until we all become connoisseurs (or rare book dealers), the biggest challenge for we the participants here on Cheap Priceless Editions is to build (or link to) the best selection of books, journals, broadsheets, periodicals and non-print images and materials we can find.

The owner of this blog, Cy Butterfield, reserves the right to drop categories and entries from the list without giving notice. Such deletions and 'erasures' are open for you to comment on, of course, and I will try to participate in any discussion about not including everything sent in. Just be warned: I will not suffer spam or tolerate political, racial or religious bigotry. We will not include every fanatical rag nor be a forum for any and every defender or assailant of causes or people.

The categorical outlines:

African American Agriculture Animals & Birds Antarctica & Arctic Anthropology Antiquarian & Rare Antiques & Collectables Archaeology Architecture Art & Design Aviation Biography & Autobiography Books on Books Business & Finance Chess & Games Children's Classics (Latin & Greek) Comics & Cartoons Countries & Travel Craft, Needlework, Handicrafts Crime Diaries & Journals & Letters Eastern Philosophy & Religion Economics Education Erotica Exploration Fiction Classic & Modern Film & Television Food & Drink French Language Gardens Gay & Lesbian German Language History Horror Humour Indigenous Peoples Iowa Judaica Languages & Linguistics Legal, Jurisprudence, Government Literary Criticism & Essays Magic & Occult Martial Arts Medical & Anatomy Military Miscellaneous Motor Vehicles Music, Opera, Ballet, Dance Mystical & Arcane Religion Myths, Legends, Folklore Natural History & the Environment New Age & Alternative Other Languages Personal Development & Self Help Philosophy Photography Poetry Psychology & Psychiatry Railways Reference Science & Botany Science Fiction & Fantasy Ships & The Sea Sociology & Politics Spanish Language Sport, Fishing, Hunting, Guns Theatre & Plays Theology & Religion Trade, Electronics, Mining Women & Feminism

FROM _ The Haunted Bookshop _ in Iowa City

Cy's List of Proposed Categories
. . (Can the list above help in revising the one below ?? )
. . (For a list of less than 20,000 titles, is it better to keep the list shorter ?? )

Martial Arts
. Exercise
. Equipment
. Competition and Competitors

. Other Non-Print Content (See Below: Games, Podcasts, Links)

Video Games and Interactive Communications

Podcasts, E-Commerce, Blogging and Personal Computing Devices

Recordings: Digital, Tape, Vinyl and Hardcopy Text about Artists and Studios

Films and Filmscripts

Links Lists and Online User guides

Communication, Copyright and Privacy Issues

Outdoor Activities

Guides, Travel, Trails, Discovery, Living Abroad & Lodging

Alternative Medicine, Technologies, Sciences, Lifestyles and Consumables

Theoretic and speculative science, technology and cosmology

Popular Culture Studies and Pulp Literature

Occult and mystic or magical schemas

Applied science, technology and medical care

Home, Garden and Transportation

Kitchen and Dining Guides

Self-Help, Meditation and Inspirational

Reference Material
. . Encyclopedias
. . Dictionaries
. . General References Tools
. . Style and Grammar Guides
. . Specialized Reference Tools
. . Visual Reference Guides
. . Catalogues
. . . . (references online under each sub-topic)

Essays and Short Biographical or Historical Monographs

History and non-fiction narratives

Novels and Stories
. . Genres (romance, sci-fi, westerns, detective ... )
. . Childrens
. . Traditional
. . Speculative & New Journalism

. . English. American, Australian
. . German
. . French
. . Spanish
. . . . In Translation
. . Other Languages



Plastic Arts and Museum Culture

Paleo- Anthro- Pre-historic Artifacts and Traditions

Classical Egypt, Greece, Rome

People of Colour

Religious movements today
. . . history of cults

Racism and discrimination

Secularism in ideas and institutions

North Americans
Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, Phiippines and Indonesia
Central and South Americans
Polynesia and Australasia

Political, Sexual and Ethnic Reviews and Manifestoes



Conflict, War and Ideology Studies

Military Matters and Munitions

Capitalism Studies
. . Early
. . Advanced

Studies of Socialism, Anarchism and Communism

. . Theory and History

Studies of Merchantilism, Colonialism, Global Finance

Studies of Fascism and Dictatorship or Neo-feudalism or Indentured Labour


Education, Teaching, Language Acquisition, and Pedagogic Materials
Practical Subjects
Hygiene, Farming and Personal Finances
Physical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences

Biology and Botany Texts

Information Technology: Science, Technique, Tools

Urbanism: Studies, Architecture Critique