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13 December 2006

Cy's Letter of Resignation from the Bookstore

Here is a copy of my resignation addressed to Sandra:


It was impossible to continue the conversation yesterday evening in front of my daughter Dee and again impossible this morning in front of A. E. (all ears).

I cannot continue to work at your bookstore. Please accept my resignation immediately. If you wish, I could post a notice on the door for customers who come by on Thursday and find no one there.

Erick says he cannot stand in on Thursday. If you would like me to phone anyone else, let me know.

In any case I cannot continue at your store. The agreement was that my books would be displayed and I would keep any payments for their sale. The arrangement you are now following ends up with me making no money for work on Tuesdays and no money for any sales of my books.

Please delete my books from the online offerings.

I will come by Thursday at 1 pm to pick up some of the books that are still there. If there are customers, I will take care of them (if you wish). Before you leave for the bus driving work, you can have your key back or I could leave it in your mail slot at home.

Be assured that I want you and your bookstore to prosper. Sincerely, Cy

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