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02 December 2006

Well Born Melbourne Highway By-Pass

Walking Turcot Yards

LEDs, light emitting diodes, provide subtle lighting for the wall of a sound barrier built along several k. of highway leading to this by-pass. Bicycles have their path right next to pedestrians on the natural red pathway and overpass crossing the highway.

What I also find attractive is the photography on this and several other features posted by my friends on Walking Turcot Yards (I hope the photographers form a collective video production unit and travel the world to make a new documentary on urban structures).

In addition to the aesthetics of the sound barriers, it is the level of consideration that went into the Bypass design and construction that are truly worth taking note. Streams, wetlands, grasslands, and endangered species were all taken into account. The local academic community was involved with development. Accommodations were made to Melbourne’s original inhabitants, the Wurundjeri people, in order to preserve their ties to the land. This robust development phase yields an uniquely effective solution.

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