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17 December 2006

A Young Toronto Woman Relates Her Discovery of Kenya and a Shantytown World

Blogaulaire commented this morning on the post linked to the title above (just click on it).

Here is a snippet from what 'Mambo!' blogged on her new site from her 'new site':

It's quite a dangerous place...not like downtown toronto scary, but like seeing machetes in the head volunteer found a dude like that two weeks ago and he and 2 guys put him in a shopping cart to the hospital. All day yesterday we heard stories from the past two weeks of volunteers getting robbed and attacked in the night when camping or hiking by bandits! Oh god!! I don't think i would deal well with bandits! Anyway, I live in a nice house comparitively speaking with 2 other boys (i think aussie) and two girls who are leaving tomorrow. Haven't met anyone yet but heard they are cool. Oh, and if you want to see what Kibera looks like rent the move The Constant's fantastic and that's where it is filmed. It's weird because when nora and i saw it in the summer on video I could picture myself there....and low and behold when I stood on the roof of my temporary host mother's last night I noticed it the the left of me....and the train tracks where they filmed were right behind her house.....crazy...seriously, crazy!

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