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28 January 2007

Table-Top Imaging of Books Kept Blogaulaire Busy

Yesterday I did not post to my blog 'cuz I banged out 157 photo shots of books. Once I have my homemade diffusion screen 'tent' set up, once the tripod, lights and backdrop is in place, I blaze away at snapping the shutter and slapping the books in the 'saddle' to have their portrait taken.

Why So Many Books?

It was to upload an image, eventually, to the meta vendor sites where a bookseller friend has listed her entire 14,500 book inventory. Livres Bronx Books is not far from where I live, so it is easy for me to set up there or on my own table at home (and schlock the books back and forth).

Yesterday, it was partly a dry-run, partly my own books which my friend may upload on her site as reimbursement for my work, and partly her books. But don't worry, I'm not setting up to image all fourteen-and-a-half thousand books she's got. Some of those have been on-line nearly 10 years. They're dead pulp. Ready for some 25-cent or 50-cent bin out on the sidewalk (come spring, come summer) in front of her shop. (But SHE knows not to ask what I think she should do. You don't want to go there either, nor see the sparks fly . . so we'll just drop that hot potato, okay?)

As well, yesterday and early this am I registered with flickr and started uploading images as a public archive. I have not decided where I want to take those collections yet. Until I do, I'll make book-related photos public, ditto some of the urban imagery that I will share with the sites UER and Walking Turcot Yard, and make the rest private - to share on a needs-to-see basis.

Oh, I forgot to mention that another friend has opened a wool and fabric shop is St. Jean sur Richelieu. Actually she bought out the former owner. My daughter takes her newborn over to the wool and knitting boutique some days and the 'regulars' are getting to know my grandchild. I wish it was closer to where I live (it is in fact 25 km to the south). But maybe I'll relent on my 'simplicity' and buy another (the latest) in that long line of clunkers I've owned since the $50 Chevy with dual carbs (1957) which I shared with a grad student back when. I wasn't a driver in '57, that's for sure. So I'll let YOU guess how old it was. We kept a quarter barrel of motor oil - I swear, a barrel with a pump - on the back seat . . that Chev burned so much oil! Now that we are so globally warmed, I . . . 'Don't mourn, organize!' I already said that above.

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