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20 January 2007

What Do the Book Digitizers Propose for Some Fine Covers Readers Love?

Obviously, nobody around Cheap Priceless Editions was invited nor did we attend the conclave to hear about Unbound Books and Google's pitch for digitizing the backlist.

With a recent comment to a post below, we want to open up discussion about the artwork that covered some of the titles - specifically the books now being marketed in used bookstores and through the meta vendor websites. The very same priceless titles you can search with the box shown on every page of Cheap Priceless Editions (the AddAll search engine)..

I keep thinking of The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, but we all know that the mind boggles at all the associations we have made collectively and individually between a book and its cover. We also know that everyone (even Bogaulaire 'Oh my!') is scrounging after eye candy to work as a magnet on the Internet to increase the number of hits and click throughs to advertisers and online vendors

So we invite readers to browse over to a post that was formerly archived in draft format HERE entitled:

Campaign for the American Reader:
Books and Their Covers

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