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19 November 2006

COCLA in New Digs -- Ville St. Laurent

COCLA (Corporation Culturelle Latino-Américaine de l'Amitié) 514 748-0796
NEW ADDRESS: 1357 St. Louis

From de l'Eglise COCLA moved to Rue St. Louis in late October, 2006

The United Church had recently sold the former building that had been home to COCLA for more than two decades.

So COCLA bought this house on Rue St. Louis. The United Church "rents" office space from COCLA in the new place.

Coming by the metro?


Get off one stop before the terminus of the line. Exit at the back of the train (southern end) at Metro du College.

The street is right there, clearly marked just behind the du College exit.

Turn left on St. Louis and COCLA is in the house on your left only a few doors down from the back of the du College entryway on Oimet.

If you see houses like THIS,
you are WAY to the north
probably at the wrong exit
of du College metro station.

Walk back toward the south until you see the new condos and narrow streets BEHIND the subway exits. This is NOT like the old neighbourhod -- but it will still be plenty of fun settling in.

The old gang is still there . . .

Squeezed into our "cocina" a little more tightly . . .

Gone forever (sigh!) the spacious auditorium plus the downstairs activity centre and (Sigh!) that old-style kitchen for serving a dining hall full of friends . . .

And YET, and STILL
COCLA survives to
Serve good meals . . .

Chatting away and joking alot . . and in Spanish, of course . .

And preparing the truck and the "garage" and the storage areas for winter and a full schedule of food distribution, counselling, celebration and everything we lived for before.

The telephone number hasn't changed, so give Roy, Yolanda and Dulio a call and come early every Friday to join "la brigada de lechuga."

La jornada acabó con una comida entre todos los participantes. ...

Many local COCLA activities & celebrations with Greater Montreal's populous Latin community are scheduled throughout 2006 - 2007.

The Festival Latino (held 18 November 2006 to benefit COCLA), plus more to come, was at Le Centre des loisirs de Saint-Laurent, 1375, rue Grenet, in Ville St. Laurent (Montréal).

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