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21 November 2006

O.J. Jams --- This just in (via) Bookninja

November 20, 2006
Simpson Book Cancelled

Murdoch has pulled the plug on the OJ book. No word on whether he's pulling the plug on that walking train-wreck Regan. Her moral sense is on life-support already, perhaps it's time. I'd call it an act of mercy if you canned her, Rupert. You'd be putting her out of our misery.
-- bookninja

BLOG ADDICTS will be browsing on this cancellation of a book title that generated huge quantities of BUZZ.

The editor-publisher Regan (who still has to answer to her boss) will now be scrambling for a new title that will sell even better than O. J. Simpson's post-violent slap at his own 'thang.' Watch for another controversial title pushed by Regan, the publisher who just backed down "under popular pressure".


An articulate editor and skilled writer from Toronto commented:

Franklin Carter says:
November 20th, 2006 at 7:49 pm
The Toronto Star sez: “Sales for If I Did It had been strong, but not sensational. It cracked the top 20 of last weekend, but by Monday afternoon, at the time its cancellation was announced, the book had fallen to No. 51.”

So bookstores sold a few copies. I suppose these “rarities” will become collectors’ items. They might still fetch a few bucks on the open market.

I wonder if O.J. autographed any of them . .


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