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30 December 2006

I'll Have My Trashy Fiction Wry, Thank You. Or Should I Say 'Serve mine with rye, please. With a dash of limey.' ?

This is a mere experiment. I'm trying to give readers a taste of the tongue-in-cheek descriptions written by Angus Wilson in Anglo-Saxon Attitudes (Penguin, 1958).

I think it is possible to just slap down a scan from the book as an image and let you read that, if I make the thing large enough. If you cannot read the text, which I will attempt myself on a cheap monitor tomorrow, just click on it a couple times and it should return enlarged on a separate page - we'll see. If that doesn't work, I will OCR the thing and upload the text. Here goes:

From page 55.


Anonymous said...

TRASHY is it? Sweetie, only YOU or the church or the PTA can make it trash. That's what happened to me . . .

Blogaulaire said...

I emailed back to 'ruthie black naked' just for fun but the address she left was phoney.

Nearly all spam is both a violation of privacy (or which blogs have nearly none) and language because words are used to deceive, not to communicate.

Deception, though, is not the greatest sin in the world IMHO. Thinking that it is, I believe, is self-deception. All language has more to do with deception than some would like to think. Mathematics tries to cut through but is left communicating on its own self-referencing plane. Sorry, I could never prove what I just wrote though.