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09 December 2006

Seemingly Semiotic Sentences Upon Viewing Video Clips Online

Browse over to McSweeneys

Then skip over for a view of a couple videoclips at the Wholphin Screening Room

Blogaulaire enjoyed the experience (though my sound disappeared on the long metrage item; long = + 8 min into the clip)

HERE are a few phrases I thought up all on my own to describe the genres of three of the clips that were presented at Wholphin and a couple McSweeney publications I have read:

  • 3rd person voyeurist fiction
    (with a pretense of cinema verté)

  • 1st person confessional fiction
    (with a pretense of honesty without pretence)

  • Feeds from a plain vanilla fixed video camera recording the urban landscape
    (with the pretense of being uncut)

  • Deconstruction of a holiday-greeting-card message

(with the pretense of knowing more than Hallmark Cards)

  • NOT stories. Not built, narrated nor signifying something else. The degree zero POV (point of view).

(with a pretense that POV zero is camp AND profound - not a cliché)

  • Mystery in the banal.

(with the pretense of overcoming the banal via mockery)

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