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06 December 2006

Used Book Search-Box Above

CPE has added a utility for readers so that you have access to as the many, many used book titles currently being sold online. As many book offerings as the current state of Internet technology is able to deliver onto your screen.

(If you wonder, as I always do, "How Many?", try out any book or other title you have lying around the room you are in now.

This search box will remain at the top of CPE's homepage every time you return to read a daily CPE post.*

If you enter: AUTHOR: Betsy Warland
.............. TITLE: left blank
.............KEYWORD: Women's Press

Your search will bring up 46 entries. You can purchase any of them from through the Meta Vendor Sites from the book dealers' entries that pop up after this AddAll webcrawler engine completes the look-up process. (My searches use most from a large list; you can configure your own by customizing these options.)

For the sample Warland search, the number 7 result is copied (without formatting) below:

The Bat Had Blue Eyes

Warland, Betsy 6.99 Biblio Used Book Attic

Georgetown, Ontario, Canada: Womens Press, 1993. In The Bat Had Blue Eyes poet Betsy Warland mines her memory for the secrets of her early years, the storiesbehind the one she knows. "A phenomenal literary experience awaits you here." - London Free Press. ISBN: 088961184x. New /no Remainder Mark. Trade Paperback. New. POETRY POETIC WORKS AUTHOR. Catalogs: Biographies & Memoirs.

Nothing beats trying out the used book searches on your own. Be bold. Put in a publisher and a year in the keyword slot. Try a topical, proper noun like "Kingston, Jamaica". Anything.

Your browser should come back to Cheap Priceless Editions after a search if you hit "Back" a few times. But just in case, bookmark the address; use your 'History' list if need be. But DO return . . often.

* (This is a feature for you; no advertizing revenue comes to me from use of this feature; it was not placed on the page through anything but my personal initiative.)

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