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03 January 2007

'One Tree Hill' gives High Marks to Yours Truly - CPE

Thank you 'One Tree Hill' for rating 'Cheap Priceless Editions' as a 'Good Pick' for the Boxxet RSS feed.

It was my Christmas Day post here on Cheap Priceless Editions that rated these high distinctions:

Only a Madman (woman) Never Thinks of Those Less Fortunate -- by Blogaulaire

(If there is a Unitarian minister reading this who would like to use the content for the 2007 Christmas service, I'll try to set up a direct deposit line to my bank account so you can buy it. It will only cost 20% of the collection plate, so we certainly are talking small change here . . :) )

Here, on Cheap Priceless Editions you can go directly ("Do Not Pass O.T.H.") to the same post by clicking HERE.

Blogaulaire knows about RSS feeds, I used to gorge myself on them in another life. But how in hell I would know who reads this blog by automatic feed versus by actually landing on the URL . . well that escapes me. I think it was jgodsey at BIBLIOPHILE who stated that Google Resources offers a tool to keep track but I'll let it ride for now. Feel free to comment if you know more about such monitoring and recommend that bloggers keep track of who reads and who feeds.

(Nota bene: My family comes from a territory close to 'Lone Tree' and my genealogic associations have a more hardtack, gritty side than One Tree Hill's take on such features of the landscape. Seems there were horse thieves operating around Lone Tree where my folks hail from -- that was where they were strung up if they got caught!)

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