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06 January 2007

Walking Turcot Yards -- Flying in This View

Walking Turcot Yards:

At the image-rich photo website you reach by clicking on the linked title, Blogaulaire's colleagues remark that an aerial photo looking east across the Turcot Yards is about the best overall image you will ever see of the entire site. I am certainly impressed.

Some day, all of the documenting and imaging we see on W.T.Y. will become a book, maybe even a documentary movie. That has not happened yet, so you are invited to see the groundwork toward documenting this and many other urban, forgotten or neglected, open spaces from around the globe.

Remarking on the remarkable shot from an airplane:

"The length of Turcot is somewhat compressed here. For anyone who is interested it takes about 40 minutes to walk from the Turcot Interchange in the backgrouind to the Angrignon Overpass in the foreground, providing you don’t stop to check anything out."

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