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05 January 2007

Table-Top Images of Books Referenced by CPE Recently

Yesterday, I posted here about buying sheer, white curtain material.

Things are starting to 'fall into place'. (See images below.)

As I experiment with in my set-up for imaging the reading material displayed on Cheap Priceless Editions, I am noticing many positive differences with less wasted effort in the preparation before snapping the shutter.

There will be little mention, from now on, of the equipment or the arrangements . My reasoning is that you could just as easily be using a flatbed scanner and your own imagination to achieve better results than me.

Using photo-editing software to stitch and combine images is worth exploring. Even (Especially!) my daughters have more skill at using Adobe PhotoShop and other image-editing software than I have. What I do do for imaging is to adapt a few emulsion film techniques I learned as a photo student and studio assistant.

I am adapting these techniques to the wider latitude and greater speed that digital equipment affords. I am being totally opportunistic in taking the benefits and casting off the old constraints of the darkroom. In many ways, once a photographer has a basic set-up, knows his distances and exposures, most of the rest of his or her bag of tricks involves practice and shortcuts and the application of down-and-dirty compromises to avoid fussy fiddling around with all the variables that can so rapidly get out of control and mess up a day of 'shooting film.'

Here are two books that Blogaulaire has used or acquired and mentioned in recent posts:

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This literary and political biography includes many references to Tillie Olsen.

The original Univ. of Illinois Press, 1994 edition would have cost me $50 new. I bought the book through the Internet before I had even heard of the Advanced Book Exchange or any other meta-vendor sites offering used books for sale.

Amazed, today, I cannot fathom how I figured out how to order the damn thing without using a 'bookfinder' vendor website to order it.

(You should stay in touch with your customers; if the bookseller who sent me this Wixson title had written back by email to stay in touch with me, I would have sent more business his way at the drop of a hat.

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This is the Cespedes book, the one given to me gratis at the Spanish market after I showed the owner a book of poems by Amado Nervo . . . which I also got that day for a song in a friperie.

I'll be shopping more frequently in that Spanish market, that's for certain!

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