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08 January 2007

Americans Still Haunted by the Tragedy of New Orleans 2005, 2006, 2007 and counting . . .

Richard Eoin Nash at Soft Skull Press's News Blog HERE . . right while Richard is in the middle of this crisis with AMS declaring bankruptcy and he's one of the PGW publishers left high-and-dry for last quarter's woth of sales . . well Nash (who we now know has suffered personal losses that cannot be undone) . . Nash tries to "put this in perspective" by citing how bad things can be elsewhere.

Nash links to reports on this horrible series of murders in New Orleans -- precisely the police protection issue a member of the National Book Critic's Circle (NBCC) Ken Foster has organised today's protest march around to raise awareness and to improve and increase preventive police measures as the city rebuilds.

The articles are this and this.

Richard Eoin Nash is (now it's was) personal friends of two recent victims reported upon in the Times Picayune articles and Nash has his friends in mind the very same moment that the publishing-distribution earth is sinking under his own house. This is one independent publisher (at Soft Skull) with perspective, calling the NOLA news 'an instance of pure evil at work in the world.'

More power to the people marching with Ken! And thanks, Richard, for reminding us that the entire world does not revolve around books and publishing.

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