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09 January 2007

Pacific Northwest's Antiquarian Extraordinaire on a Roll on a Grand Blog

Michael Lieberman, Antiquarian Bookseller is on a textual, visual (and a couple sound-bitten) rolls at his book blog from Seattle, Washington: Book Patrol. Drop in and check his info-rich uploads out.

Lieberman has my vote with his editorial against Canadian bookbuyers trying to start a boycott of Heather Reisman's Indigo and Chapters bookstores over her support of a charity aimed at Israeli service personnel. Michael offers more interesting parallels to US issues than I could think up to argue against purchaser boycotts as secondary pressure tactic in disputes about whose charity or even whose imperial invasion army gets a bite out of your mega-store spending this or any other year.

After browsing Book Patrol (and viewing Lieberman's YouTube uploads), I'm tempted to find a job touring the world to hold up copies of secondhand books for sale for the video camera-person; each title in front of its own unique and amazing touristic and/or geographically stunning background. The video feeds and MY travel expenses paid for by the book vendors selling online. (Wish me luck landing that job. Again, see his YouTube post for details.)

Thanks to Bibliophile Bullpen for pointers, via the naked desert oasis bookseller YouTube video, to Book Patrol's blog.

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