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11 January 2007

On Reading The Xian Sci Mon

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Rmbling Thots of BLGaire

-------- whose been running into far too many Caucasians with Jamaican accents and full-blown Caribbean patois lately -------- and whose own Black Irish roots are starting to tremble in foreboding anticipation of the next wet spring

I know, I'm not a very sophisticated reader if I even 'think' about religion when I read the CSM. We will never, ever see a news magazine run under the name The Unitarian-Universalist Gleaner, and if we did I will not guarantee that I would want to read it. ((Would such a putative UUG have the soul to dig the Latin vibes of . . . The ecstatic religious experiences in the Church of . . . )) Well does The Christian Science Monitor? I'll let that go, sorry.

But then, if I'm blunt, slow and a certified cretin for even hinting at religion when I think about dropping by a Christian Science Reading Room for a free read of their own print news, our friend George over at Bookninja is an even greater nincompoop when he blogs an item on free evening classes being run by local TO anarchists. George starts doing a riff on throwing bombs. (Sorry George, I almost had a bar fight with my best friend over that one long ago, and I cannot let it pass).

Neither can I let a good article on Madam president Johnson-Sirleaf pass when I see Ruthie Ackerman writing in The Christian Science Monitor. (Ms Ackerman, do you happen to know if she (their prez) needs a French tutor (moi) so that she can better get on with Madam Gbagbo in neighbouring Côte d'Ivoire? I know a guy who would jump at the opportunity of tutoring Johnson-Sirleaf.)
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