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10 January 2007

Creekside Quoting Stephen Dunn

In a post at Creekside by T. Jackson, quoting from Stephen Dunn's Riffs & Reciprocities, the bit from Dunn I liked a great deal was this

Best is the extra that comes unencumbered: pure generosity of spirit,
always replenishing itself. We the less generous are quick to suspect it,
remembering what we've given and why. But those who have it irradiate the day.
They redefine the meaning of wealth.

Maybe, as a box-quote out of context on Cheap Priceless Editions, sitting out there naked in the middle of my post, the words read like sloshy sentiment.

But I like the writing, the sentiments. It's the special opposite that is set up by the words below, though, that I can identify with most:
"A grudge is more my style, weeks, months of resentment silently borne. At my worst, after quarrels, I've kept it in and let it mix with any old bitterness it could find. When it finally emerged—stunted, timed, cruelly calm—I was no one's decent man. But I'm seldom at my worst and can only envy the brilliantly angry . . . "

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