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17 November 2006


At BookSite, a Delaware book vendor's web page, I noticed this notice:

Please note that publishers frequently change book prices without prior notice. We do our best to provide you with the most current pricing. If there is a change in price, we will notify you prior to shipping.

Changing the price on a book without notice?

Many used bookdealers would like to get into that one. On several of their blogs, though, the used bookdealers are such a scrupulous, clean-dealing community of spirits, that they claim that changing a shipping fee for an order halfway around the globe is 'unprofessional'.

By the way and unrelated: BookStore offers a total package for a virtual (Internet hosted) bookstore. They call it their BookSite Core Service. Based on the descriptive list of what goes onto their subscribers' custom BookSite (cost: $200 per month), when you pay in and host this 'module' under a unique domain name, you look like you are in the same league as Powell's.

Newbie that I am to the world of selling books (as opposed to editing and production), I must be missing something.

This reminds me of an offer I once saw pitched to barkeeps: order an Irish Pub shipped in a kit for that 'authentic look'. Another ubiquitous oxymoron.

BookSite: "BookSite Core Services"

($500 set-up fee; $200/mo. operating fee)
Easy to Edit Web Page Templates
Virtual Hosting
3 million book database w/cover graphics and descriptions
Events Page
10 Feature Lists
Maintenance-Free Bestseller Module
6 Single Title Book Spotlights
Online Gift Certificate/Card ApplicationSpecial Request Module
Fast, Reliable Search Engine
ClubList E-Mail Newsletter Service
Custom Links
Add Graphics Module
Add Annotation Module
Store Review Module
Shopping Cart with E-mail Order Notification

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