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14 November 2006

Selling Books (Weber Site): Q&A: How can I sell this scarce book?

Answer: Price it at $400 to $500 !

I can find only one copy of this book with the same title, offered by a bookseller in The Netherlands.

Even me, new at this game, discover books of interest as rare as this. But Steve Weber is more than impressed because it is a book about making commercial candy (maybe the holiday season adds to the energy with which Steve would get the book online and push up the price. (I wish I had that drive to thrive . . )

To quote the 'master adviser':

But I've never had the good fortune to have one this scarce, where there's virtually no copies available in the hemisphere. So I wouldn't think of listing it for under $200. There's just no good way to figure out the value, though, it's too specialized.

We know the 1978 book is harder to come by, and I suspect there may be some valuable patent information in it that doesn't appear in the 1960 book.

The seller in the Netherlands priced it at about $200. So I wouldn't have any qualms about pricing it at $400 or $500. If a candy maker needs this book, you're not going to blow a hole in their research budget.


After browsing over to weberbooks, are you as convinced as Steve that the title will sell so high on Amazon?

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