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18 November 2006

White Smock: Not for Very Long, Handling Books Here

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I'm going out shopping for a white smock (a lab coat probably) to wear at work. Pure white on the outside to cover my darker soul on the inside.

That's just a tad melodramatic there, I'm not feeling down, I feel okay. It will just be an experiment. I want to see and show others outwardly how this is neglect is no way to treat books--especially not Cheap Priceless Editions!

Unclean conditions at this neighbourhood bookworks are making dirty what could be cleaner and neater. It would take only slight but steady effort. (Okay again, I'm back into my utopian dream world, it ain't gunna cum ta pass anytime soon.)

The idea of dressing in white popped in my head when I put on this sweater while heading out the door in a rush. I realised for the first time that this particular sweater is a top-of-the-line fashion in terms of price (I mean original price. I paid a pittance for it in a friperie).

Why ruin the Abercrombie & Fitch sweater in a workplace where no one has ever mopped, dusted or scrubbed one jot on a single surface for 8 years and where books regularly wallow on the floor?

Maybe I'll wear white gloves at work as well.

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