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18 November 2006

Buyers and Booksellers Unite in Revulsion against OJ's Book

Dept: Kettle Calls Pot Black: "Press Release from the King of B 'n' B"

In the post above, I will give a few of my own mea culpas for not sharing "everything" with you friendly bloggers and net surfers. I urge to make its own admission: ABE is spinning a "Press Release"story (plus an advertising blurb appended) to drive mainstream new-book buzz. ABE is thus promoting a new title or simply getting into the new book biz.

My prediction is that we will see much, much more of this as ABE in Europe moves more solidly into the new release market for paperbacks. The German website for ABE has moved into the 'New Book Title' market entirely, so what is to keep them from testing this territory in the North and South American continents?

"There's no bad news in Rock 'N' Roll" is what its all about. Diss a new book enough and everybody wants to read it. Draw in people from every walk of life, occupation and circle of influence -- whether you make them promises of pleasures that await them through PURCHASE of a new release or piss them off royally about some new cultural product's Burden of Sin -- either way the buzz that follows is expected to drive up sales of whatever PRODUCT.

(I only hope that negative buzz works for the book place where I work, viz: a messy, crammed-to-the-ceiling fire-trap of oddiments and bizaareries in books. Will our well deserved reputation serve as advertising to drive the curious in and buy more used books? What more can we do to drive the buzz to new heights in the community, put out a press release in three or four languages?)
Credit where credit is due department: Abe did a good job of polling people about the Simpson book. Here are some blurbs, some snapshots in quotes, from people polled:

“I would not spend one cent to put money in OJ’s pocket.”

“What a mockery of humanity. I hope no one buys this book.”
“All profits should be confiscated and given to the families (of Brown & Goldman).”

“OJ Simpson brings America to a new low with his utter lack of decency.”

“He (OJ) is a disgrace to the human race.”

“The idea of Simpson gloating and making a profit from a double murder is obscene.”

“He and his publisher have no sense of decency.”

A final query: in the title of the press release the formula "booksellers & buyers" rings true to the Advanced Book Exchange's target audience of users, or does it? It has a crass, no nonsense directness to it. Just two works conjoined: buy and sell, without either the word read or write places this press release smack in the middle of the "marketplace" of books. The prince of mass online vendor sites for books has gone out into the kingdom incognito to hear what his people are saying and comes back with a report on the state of the nation. It gives me a sense, only an impression mind you, that we live in a constitutional monarchy when it comes to life in the realm of bookishdom.

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