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12 November 2006

NYC Event courtesy of Coach House Books

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BLOGAULAIRE posted a comment on small spiral notebook
I 'clicked through' to view the Coach House Books site. Recent reading about the past half-a-century of Canadian poetry in English has made me curious about the origins of CHB in Coach House Press, which was dissolved in 1992 and with the 'Books' house rising like a phoenix sometime thereafter.

But I always get sidetracked by the contemporary lit, especially the poetry, and I lose the historical thread I started to trace back on my browser and in my books.

At the Coach House site, I enjoyed the reviews and blurbs about Jon Paul Fiorentino's book of poems "The Theory of the Loser Class":

Reading poems about consumer culture, the socially inept and super-loser Jerry Lewis, Fiorentino got lots of laughs from the packed crowd. Although he is best known for his humour book, Asthamatica, Fiorentino made it clear to his audience that his latest collection is not comedy. He did, however, jokingly point out that the real comedy lies in the fact that he is still attempting to write poetry.

Knowing that poets are the ultimate outcasts, and with self-effacing humour, Fiorentino ended the reading with the ultimate loserism: "I don't think this poetry thing is going to work out so, Mom, can I borrow a few grand?"


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