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08 November 2006

Broadening this Used Book Dialogue: A Discussion Going Down in the State of Maine (region just south of Rivière du Loup)

At Cheap Priceless Editions we do not aim at keeping the discussion down to two or three locals with inbred beefs over one local bookstore. So look at the paste from another blog below that is a COMMENT at the tail-end of a longish post and even longer series of serious comments from published authors about used books.

The blog and many of the authors are a bit closer to home than Manhattan: the blog focus is on Maine and the blog host is a down-Mainer but not a main-downer.

The comments were as solid as the post was stimulating.

A comment from baggette**

At url:

on the blog post:
Inquiring Minds: Used Books, Part the Third, What on Earth is this All About, Anyway?

Nov. 7th, 2006 02:08 am (UTC)
less than two cents
I buy used books almost exclusively. GoodWill, library sales, and yard sales keep me in all the books I can read of fiction and non-fiction.
The new books in my collection are all gifts (sometimes from myself) and are usually books that cannot be found used (like yours), because no-one wants to give up their own copies.
I haven't yet purchased used books from the internet, because my reading list is already too long.
Most of the authors I see on those thrift sale donation shelves have made more money than I will ever see; they don't need $28 from me as much as I need more books (Which is to say, NOT AT ALL-AT ALL!).
If I could not buy them used, I would borrow more from the library. When I am finished with a book, I donate it back to a worthy cause. I have yet to SELL any of my books, because I would like to live in a Utopia where the exchange of ideas is free for all. Since I don't live there yet, I will at least not be party to financing the MACHINE.

(Steps off soap box) hope this exchange of ideas is helpful for you and your writing frineds. Now, would you be so kind as to get back to work WRITING; and provide me with more reading entertainment than I can really afford?

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