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06 November 2006

Constructing My Blog

Someone emailed me at to warn me that in order to COMMENT on the blog the user had to register as a member. Well, I didn't know it until I got that flag from a reader. So I turned the thing back to allowing ANYONE to COMMENT.

There are many other construction details I need to master as this site moves up on the Usability Index . . as it attracts participants. Anybody have a quick guide to POSTING images? I mastered that one at a discussion board, so it shouldn't be too hard here. What about setting up a blog roll in the margin plus a set of linked sites and blogs? Do you have suggestions? AMAZON (dot) com shows up with promo-links in other blog features about books. How do you avoid these pop-ups and do we risk being plastered with third-party come-ons?

An appeal: To anybody from the States of Washington, Iowa or Florida. Please use the COMMENTS to clue us in about the local used bookstores in your area. We want to zero in on a few US booksellers and we cannot handle every state in the Union. The same appeal is offered to any and All Canadians in the big 10 provinces and in the North. Canada has a tenth of the US population, so we'll try to gob down the whole Canadian tamale here at Cheap Priceless Editions. If that works, maybe we'll have a second course in Spanish and start covering the District Federale, i.e. Mexico City.

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