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07 November 2006

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe : Sells at

The following post is from the website of a New York City bookstore. Read the text below to learn more.

One point related to the theme we've been pursuing at Cheap Priceless Editions: Housing Works Bookstore Cafe has a GIF image and link to the mega-book vendor website on its homepage. is associated with e-Bay to handle purchases outside the auction bidding framework.

Browsing, I do not see any transparent manner at to search a directory of what the bookstore offers through them. Too bad, because I would prefer to buy from such a place that gives its profits to a worthy endeavour.

Although Housing Works Bookstore Cafe state they offer 45,000 titles, this does not necessarily tell us how many are on sale through or anywhere else on the Internet. I probably did not do enough browsing. But I can imagine that the community-volunteer bookstore appreciates selling without paying a subscription fee. On some mega-vendor sites with such fees and a 15 to 20% commission on sales, at least each bookstore also has its own website on the vendor's board where their offerings can be browsed and purchased.

Here is part of what you see at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
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Last updated on May 31, 2006

Housing Works Bookstore Café is a non-profit bookstore, café, and event venue located in SoHo. All proceeds from the sale of donated books, CDs and records go to support Housing Works, Inc., a non-profit service agency that provides housing, healthcare, job placement, advocacy, and more to homeless New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS. The Bookstore Café sells donated books, CDs and records, new and used, all at discounted prices. All proceeds from these sales go towards support of Housing Works Inc. core programs.
The purpose of Housing Works is to ensure adequate housing, food, social services, harm reduction and other drug treatment services, medical and mental health care, and employment opportunities are available to homeless persons living with AIDS and HIV and to their families as they define them.

In particular, it is Housing Works mission to reach the most vulnerable and under served among those affected by the AIDS epidemic: people who, in addition to struggling with homelessness and AIDS, are also burdened with histories of chronic mental illness and chemical dependence. Housing Works has designed a comprehensive range of services designated to meet the complex multiple needs of our clients; these services are specifically intended to help them gain stability, security, and independence so that they can live longer, healthier lives with renewed hope and dignity.

Housing Works accomplishes its purpose through:

Advocacy that aggressively challenges perceptions about homeless people living with AIDS and HIV, both within their indigenous communities and in the larger society,

Direct provision of innovative methods of housing and services,

Facilitation of access to other appropriate systems of care, and

The development and operation of entrepreneurial enterprises that support Housing Works while providing employment opportunities for the people Housing Works services.

Housing Works was founded in 1990 as an outgrowth of the Housing Committee of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP). Over the years, Housing Works has become a strong and fierce provider of housing and supportive services to homeless people with HIV and AIDS, and has become the leading advocate in New York City-- and a recognized leader nationwide—for the rights of this constituency.

Contact person: Volunteer Coordinators, Volunteer Coordinators, (212) 334-3324, (email this person)
Office fax number: (212) 334-3959

126 Crosby Street
New York, NY 10012
(See a map)

Web Site:

Directions: Bookstore is located on Crosby between Houston and Prince Subway: W / R to Prince Street B / D / F / V to Broadway-Lafayette 6 to Bleecker Street
Nearest Metro/Subway Stop: B / D / F / V to Broadway-Lafayette,
Walk distance (in minutes): 1

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Anonymous said...

This is about catalogues. Check out

It's a book tagging site

It is not 3:55 a.m. here!

Blogaulaire said...

anonymous: thank you for the link. But what is it for?

As we posted before, we want users of Cheap Priceless Editions are being linked to a subscriber site or an open access site.

On the homepage at Library Anything they say you can catalogue and arrange up to 200 of your books for free. Above that you pay an annual fee (with steps to a max of $25).

But what are the benefits? You can check it out ( .