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08 November 2006

How Thor Power Hammered Publishing

How Thor Power Hammered Publishing: "How Thor Power Hammered Publishing
by Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.
Many of us know that publishing has changed considerably over the last 15 years. More titles see print every year, but the average title sells fewer copies, and goes out of print more quickly, than its late '70s counterpart. Advances and royalties have dropped in inflation-adjusted terms. More books become insulation and other recycled-paper products earlier than ever before. "

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating detail, this tax and accounting background about publishers also explains why our bookshop is also swamped with paperbacks by authors we on staff and our customers have never, or hardly ever, hear of. Author proliferation and the demise of the lit classics in the media promotions of books all relate to the way publisher process and pulp inventory.

But the fall in the price we can get for used books must be a different ball game. Maybe we saturated the market for used books by jumping onto the ABE and Biblio bandwagons. Maybe too there was a vacuum because publishers no longer stocked a backlist of good titles.

Bookseller in the Boonies